Saturday, 21 November 2015

Never Stop Riddim: The latest release from Uppressor’s Productions

"Never Stop Riddim" – title and slogan at the same time. The latest release from Switzerland’s Uppressor’s Productions was composed by Ben Nicefield and stands for artists who never stand still, always advance and remain true to themselves. They "never stop" and don’t let anyone restrain them in order to become more successful. Artists who are solely driven by the force of their own passion for music. Artists from all over the world, of whom some are yet to be discovered.

At the very top of this list stands one of the biggest, innovative and most creative names in music history: Lee "Scratch" Perry. One of the founders of Dub music and producer for legends such as Bob Marley or Max Romeo. The fact that nobody can stop him, even after nearly 80 years, is proven in his new single, a Dub-Version of the original „Never Stop Riddim“. The original title track comes from Swiss Reggae artist Cookie The Herbalist, who based the concept of „Never Stop“ on a love story and also expresses this visually in the music video.

The riddim has been well received so far, even in the motherland of Reggae itself, Jamaica. Di Govanah sings about the daily struggle and promises better days to come. J’se James motivates his brothers and sisters to keep doing what they’re doing ("Keep On Troddin’").
A more spiritual approach comes from the Rastas Unstoppable Fyah and Spade Again. A similar focus can be found in Crosby’s song. The South African rapper describes todays struggle as a "Judgement Time" and doesn’t hesitate to also showcase his rapping skills on a Roots-Reggae riddim.

Crossing language barriers has allowed Uppressor's Productions to record the French Creole song "Les Mots" by Straïka D and the Swiss German song "Was für es Läbe" by Sille. Both sing about very personal topics which can be formulated best in their own mother tongue.

The crew has also collaborated with two of the most well-respected European Reggae artists on songs that should not be missing in your music collection: the touching "Breathing In Air" by Dutch Reggae singer Smiley and the catchy "I Rise" by the Belgian singer Onesty.

While "Breathing In Air" is the very last official release by Smiley, who put his career to rest in 2013 soon after the tour in Switzerland where the song was recorded, "I Rise" by Onesty marks the starting point of her very promising musical career in Jamaica, where she currently resides.

"Never Stop Riddim" (Various Artists) - New Album 2015
01) Smiley - Breathing in Air
02) Spade Again - Psalms
03) J‘se James - Keep on Troddin‘
04) Cookie the Herbalist - Never Stop
05) Onesty - I Rise
06) Straïka D - Les Mots
07) Crosby Bolani - Judgement Time
08) Di Govanah - Nuh Everyday
09) Sille - Was für es Läbe
10) Unstoppable Fyah - Praise Jah
11) Lee "Scratch" Perry - Never Stop Never Flop
12) Ben Nicefield - Never Stop Riddim (Dub Version)
13) Ben Nicefield - Never Stop Riddim (Instrumental)
Label: Uppressor's Productions (Digital Release: 2015)

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Cookie The Herbalist "Never Stop" [Official Video 2015]


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