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Baxnug - Discography

Last updated: April 2016
Band: Baxnug
Location:  Italy
Genre: Rock

1. Baxnug is the musician that invented the kangaroo’s tail for human beings
2. The tail is the ultimate weapon allowing Rock to unveil its 100% essence
3. Until 2015 Rock was limited by musicians who got tired by standing
4. 2015: Overwhelmed by the sense of guilt for not having put into commerce the tail (and therefore not having saved humanity from back
5. Prey to a frenzy, Baxnug was struck by a split personality

6. Thus a sham band was created, where Baxnug played all roles, every time changing clothes and wigs
7. Baxnug is a band founded on the conflict among its members, each one of them believing the others guilty of humanity’s condemnation to back ache.
8. The band founded a new musical genre, called Ergonomic Rock, where all songs were composed leaning on the tail, saving all the energy to create the purest rock worldwide
9. Ergonomic rock has the following characteristics: -­‐ To give well-­‐being to those that play it -To give well-­‐being to those that listen to it
10. 2015: for the first time in history, Rock


.2015 - Ergonomic Rock

Baxnug's Music & Videos:


.2015 - Ergonomic Rock
(Original Press):
"Ergonomic Rock" 2015 - (Original Version)
1) Stand up and Feel the Air. 2) Show Them Your Guts. 3) Don't Hate Me If I...4) Do Not Cross. 5) Counterattack!. 6) How Much Money. 7) Turn the Page. 8) I Won't Be the Last. 9) Baxnug. 10) Night Falls. 11) Death Ground.
[Label: Emanuele Lopopolo (Digital Release: 2015)]

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Baxnug "Captain America Civil War" 2016

Baxnug "Counterattack!"

Baxnug "Ergonomic Rock - Album's samples"


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