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Harmony Garden - Discography

Harmony Garden are:
Hittavainen, Otto, Timo, Henri and Tero


Band: Harmony Garden
Location: Finland
Genre: Dark Alternative / Neo-Folk

Band members:
Timo Väänänen - Vocals, Guitar
Otto Plym - Drums
Henri Leppänen - Upright bass
Tero Mäenpää - Guitar, mandolin,vocals
Jaakko "Hittavainen" Lemmetty - Violin

Harmony Garden started as a pure neo-folk project 2001, first album WOUNDED released 2002 by German label TRITON and it get good response but as it was a one men project, the band was quiet for a long time. 10 years to be exact.

Timo, the songwriter and singer of HG continued to work again with the project 2012 and first he did few solo gigs for example with Spiritual Front and Alien Sex Fiend in Germany and Finland.
First release after long silence was 7 inch single SIXTEEN MEN, Limited edition single is now sold out.

Second album FORTUNES FOOL was released in 2013. Album was more personal than Wounded-album. Timo used lot of studio top musicians in this album and was more focused on production and as well the musical aspects. Album got good reviews but as music biz nowadays is bit challenging for bands like HG... So the album stayed in the dark. One video was also made. THE BALLAD OF MY LAST DAY was shot in Mexico, video got really good response. 2013 HG got new players and was more band than ever.

2014 was quiet year, Timo had some serious health issues and band was on brake for 5 months. Harmony Garden performed only 6 gigs in 2014.

2015 has been busy year, so far 14 gigs, forth coming short european tour, which highlight is gig in Runes & Men folk festival in Leipzig, Germany. HG has also been in studio. Third studio album will be a concept album will be definitely most ambitious album HG has so far done and the most expensive. Whole album will be done at legendary JJ-studio and is fully analog, The album producer is Juuso Norlund.

2015 HG had also some line-up chances. Katinka and Vesa, left the band as mutual agreement. New players are ex-Korpiklaani violinist mr. Hittavainen and multi talent guitar player Tero Maenpaa. Two new players has brought valuable experience to HG live sound.


1) Albums:
.2001 - Wounded
.2013 - Fortune's Fool

2) Singles:
.2012 - Sixteen Men / Mr. Jameson - [Sin.gles Club]

Harmony Garden's Music & Videos:

1) Albums:

.2001 - Wounded
(Original Press):
"Wounded" 2001
1) Self Abused Mental Penetration. 2) Goodbye, My Charming World. 3) The Queen Of May. 4) Morgenrot. 5) Wounded Is My Name. 6) Brother Shall Rise Against Brother. 7) Seven, The Fate Of Mine. 8) Astronomy Domine. 9) Colder Than The Sky Above. 10) One Lie Leads To Another.
[Label: Triton (Cd: 2001), A Flame Records (Digital Release: 2002)]

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.2013 - Fortune's Fool
(Original Press):
"Fortune's Fool" 2013
1) The Ballad Of My Last Day. 2) Death Is But A Symbol. 3) Master Called Madness. 4) My Every Sin. 5) Damage Done. 6) Longest Journey. 7) King Of Spades. 8) Heart Fell Foul. 9) Revolution. 10) Harmony Garden.
[Label: Actcom Music (Cd: 2013)(Digital Release: 2013)]

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2) Singles:

.2012 - Sixteen Men / Mr. Jameson
(Original Press):
Band: Harmony Garden
Songs: A) Sixteen Men / B)  Mr. Jameson
Format: 7"
Label: Sin.gles Club


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Harmony Garden "The Ballad Of My Last Day" (Official Video)

Harmony Garden Feat. Lloyd James "Heart Fell Foul"

Harmony Garden "Expressing All The Sadness And Despair"
Live On The Rocks, Helsinki"

Harmony Garden "My Every Sin"


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