Monday, 7 March 2016

Shymane sings a song for a Peaceful Jamaican elections

The Song  "Peaceful Jamaica" by Shymane was an inspiration that came to its writer on a night deep in thought about the upcoming elections to be carried out in Jamaica. With the escalation of violence that usually goes on each time their is an election year.

Trying to help people thing of Peace in a time of war and to try and elevate love amongst each other. Trying to tell a story and to let people know that peace, love and unity is a far better place to be than death.
Elevating the peoples mind and try to strengthen their thoughts into becoming better citizens amongst themselves, always remembering that its just a mental choice, a choice for life over death.

Politics in these times does very little for people and their train of thought, we have to be more vigilant in being on the right side of life and love is the only solution to make this happen.
A peaceful Jamaica, a peaceful world, isn’t that worth living for. Jah Bless us all.

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Shymane "Peaceful Jamaica" 2016

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