Sunday, 26 November 2017

"City of Grigs" by Irish Stew of Sindidun

Irish folk band from Belgrade, Serbia - Irish Stew of Sindidun - released their fourth album "City of Grigs", through indipendent record label Ammonite Records.

Six years after their last album, Irish Stew offers somewhat different sound than before, trying to merge the best of what they were doing for 15 years and to upgrade it with new layers of experience.

There are ten songs on this album, out of which three are covers of traditional Irish songs. Lyric motifs did not change, the lyrics are still combining intimate insights with social criticism of the space and time we live in.

Speaking of "traditionals", the frontman Bojan Petrovic says these songs are not included merely to be album fillers, but because they they speak of themes which are still actual: "Irish music is much more than quick melodies, dance and fun; through traditional folklore Irish songs we keep rememberance of values of one culture, which are still worthy of reverence."

Pilot single "Heavier Than Sin" was released last year and the audience embraced it very nicely. It will soon be followed by other singles and video clips.

The band celebrates 15th anniversary and is getting ready for a tour, dates of which will be announced consequently.

Irish Stew of Sindidun "City of Grigs" - ALBUM 2017
01) Stranger
02) Paddy's Lamentation
03) Heavier Than Sin
04) Awake
05) Drink And Sing
06) Holiday
07) The Old City Keeper
08) Emerald Blue
09) Down by the Glenside
10) Step it out Mary
Label: Ammonite Records (Cd: 2017)(Digital Release: 2017)


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Irish Stew of Sindidun - Stranger (Official Audio)

Irish Stew of Sindidun - Emerald Blue (Official Audio)







Another Great Release by Ammonite Records

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