Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Mario Tomic - Discography

ArtistMario Tomic
Location: Canada
Genre: Progressive Rock, Instrumental Rock, Jazz Fusion, Experimental Ambient, Blues Rock
Influences: Pink Floyd, Return To Forever, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis

Mario Tomic is an internationally recognized and renowned guitarist and musician from Toronto, Canada originally from Split, Croatia. Musician plays, composes, produces and arranges instrumental rock, progressive rock and jazz rock fusion music.

Musician finished Guitar School and Economics University the musical direction of management.
He studied a variety of guitar styles and techniques through school, music seminars, guitar workshops and trained to play various musical genres.

He is an active member of the Association of Musical Composers with global verification for music composing.
In addition to personal musical projects Mario composes music for other artists,participate in their projects as a session guitarist and concert support, composes music for various TV projects and documentaries and similar media.

Mario Tomic also teaches guitar at various academies and seminars. It is present at various international radio stations,music websites, music magazines etc.
His music has been awarded and is on various top music charts which can be checked in the section Portfolio Musician actively performs and maintains concerts and plays at various international festivals,venues,theaters, clubs and events.

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.2015 - Singles Tracks Collection
.2014 - Art Lines
.2012 - Music Box Set
.2009 - Guitar Alchemy
.2006 - Acoustic Diary

.2015 - Endless Longing
.2015 - Medley Roll
.2015 - One Evening In Oblivion
.2105 - Potato And Pancake
.2015 - Lines Loneliness
.2015 - Fatal Crash
.2015 - Whistling River
.2015 - Game Of The Blue Butterflies
.2015 - Fatal Crash
.2015 - 10.Her Trembling Bridge
.2014 - Street Eclipse
.2014 - Beyond Cool
.2014 - Land Of Thousand Islands
.2014 - Redemption Generation

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