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Landskap - Discography

Last updated: May 2016

Band: Landskap
Location: London
Genre: Rock Prog / Psychedelic / Doom
Influences: Black Sabbath, The Doors and Uriah Heep

Landskap is a British prog doom metal band from London.
Their debut album "I" was released in January 2014, while their sophomore album “II” has been reelased through Black Widow Records on October, 24, 2015. The album has been recorded, mixed and mastered by Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studio. Cover picture "Yosemite" by Frederic Caure

Echoes of the ghost of Jim Morrison here and there in the vocals and a SUPERB jazzy twist on "South Of No North" that showcases their musical chops. Superb late 60s/early 70s vibe with elements of Black Sabbath, The Doors and Uriah Heep, with a guitarist worshipping at the altar of Tony Iommi and a singer channelling Jim Morrison.

Landskap are:
Jake Harding: Vocals
George Pan: Lead guitar
Frederic Caure: Bass guitar
Kostas Panagiotou: Organ and keyboards
Paul Westwood: Drums


.2014 - "I"
.2015 - "II"
.2016 - "III"

Landskap's Music & Videos:


.2014 - "I"
(Original Press):
"I" - 2014 - (Original Version)
1) A Nameless Fool. 2) My Cabin In The Woods. 3) Fallen So Far. 4) To Harvest The Storm.
[Label: Black Widow Records (Lp: 2014)(Digital Release: 2014)]

Buy Cd/Lp on  www.blackwidow.it or call +39 0102461708
Buy Digital Album on  iTunes - GooglePlay - Amazon

 .2015 - "II"
 (Original Press)
"II" - 2015 - (Original Version)
1) Leave It All Behind. 2) South Of No North. 3) Through The Ash. 4) Landskap Theme. 5) Tomorrow's Ghost. 6) Lazy Sundae.
[Label:  Black Widow Records (Lp/Cd: 2015)(Digital Release: 2015)]

Buy Cd/Lp on  www.blackwidow.it or call +39 0102461708
Buy Digital Album on  iTunes - GooglePlay - Amazon

.2016 - "III"
 (Original Press)
"III" - 2016 - (Original Version)
1) Wayfarer's Sacrifice. 2) Awakening The Divide. 3) The Trick To Letting Go. 4) The Hand That Takes Away. 5) Mask Of Apathy.
[Label: Indie (Digital Release: 2016)]

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Landskap "Leave it all Behind" 2015

Landskap "To Harvest The Storm"


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Discography by Marco of Radio Djamar

A huge thank you to Massimo Gasperini of www.blackwidow.it

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