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Grus Paridae - Discography

Band: Grus Paridae
Location:  Finland
Genre: progressive / art rock /experimental / rock

Band members:
Petteri Kurki - Vocals - Guitars - Synths - Bass - Drum
Rami Turtiainen - Vocals - Guitars - Synths - Bass - Drum
Jarno Koivunen - Violins

Finnish progressive/art rock collective Grus Paridae released their debut single on May, 30th 2014.

Grus Paridae is a co-operative collective and project of two music makers, Petteri Kurki and Rami Turtiainen with special guest Jarno Koivunen on violins.

Our band and our new single are part of the Rock n' Vantaa exhibition at the Finnish Vantaa City Museum during the rest of the year 2014. Our new video will also be part at the official Oulu Music Video Festival here in Finland during August.

Grus Paridae is music for those who like, f.ex. Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Marillion, Allan Holdsworth, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, etc.


1) Singles:
.2014 - Passes by

Grus Paridae 's Music & Videos:


.2014 - Passes by
(Original Press):
Band: Grus Paridae 
Songs: 1) Passes by. 2) Inheritance of Devotion
Format: Cd Single & Digital Release
Label: Grus Paridae

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Grus Paridae "Passes by" - (Official Video)


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Photo by  Grus Paridae

Biography by  Grus Paridae

Discography by Radio Djamar


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