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Kadeve aka Dolla Sign Kay - Discography

Last updated: April 2016

Singer: Kadeve aka Dolla Sign Kay
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Genre: Hip Hop

Kadeve aka Dolla Sign Kay was born and raised in rough streets of Oakland California. In order to escape the ghetto cycle of his neighborhood, Kadeve pursued a career in baseball with boyhood friend Tony Gwynn Jr. Nephew of Bip Roberts “Mr. Consistency”, Kadeve learned the game of baseball from Oakland A’s pitcher Dave Stewart’s father Paul Best.

It wasn’t until Kadeve moved to Southern California that he realized his love for rap. He became engrossed in learning every aspect of the art and thus began his rap career. His first recording session was with G-1 & Dj Quik. Kadeve subsequently became the first Rapper to perform at the Hard Rock Café on Hollywood Blvd, as well as the Escondido Performing Arts Center.

Kadeve has since gone on to work/record with some of the greatest names in music such as Dj Loczi, Kid Jay,T-Lopez (Cash Money), Serious Jones, Maad MaxXx (Black Wall Street), and Jessica Sutta (Pussy Cat Dolls). Kadeve has performed and opened for artists such as Slick Rick, The Gza (Liquid Swords Tour), Colby O’donis, Adam Lambert, The Alkaholiks, The Federation, Ruff Ryderz, Dj Quik and Naughty By Nature.

Kadeve has accomplished many feats as an independent artist such as doing interviews for Revolt TV and Comcast Sports as well as landing his song ‘Never Give Up’ on Love and Hip Hop New York season 3’s final episode as well as landing 3 different songs on two different Sci-Fi movies. His song ‘In A Minute’ was featured in Arachnaquake along with his song ‘Ring Around Rosey’ and his song ‘We In’ was placed on ‘Swamp Shark’. With Kadeve’s ability to write songs that remain relevant to the day to day emotions and situations of everyday people we believe he will be a force to be reckoned with for many years to come.


1) Album:
.2015 - The Bear, The Star Da King

2) Singles:
.2010 - We In (Tobias & Kadeve)
.2011 - Act a Fool
[Ramon George/Phillphe Brown]
.2011 - Hood Anthem (Kadeve feat. Maad MaxXx & T.O.B.I.A.S.)
[Illive Music]
.2011 - Fly Away (Kadeve ft Fingaz)
[Illive Music]
.2012 - EaseBack (Prima Volta ft. Maad MaxXx, KADEVE)
[Prima Volta]
.2013 - Never Give Up (Real Musical Genius Ft.Kadeve, M. Perry & Ateam)
[Teamer Music Productions]
.2013 - Reflections - (Matt U Johnson ft. Kadeve)
[Inner V Music]
.2014 - Reflections: DJ Nova EDM Remix - (Matt U Johnson ft. Kadeve)
[Matt U Johnson]
.2016 - Reflect (Matt U Johnson feat. Kadeve and Shkelquim) - [Inner V Music]

Kadeve's Music & Videos:


.2015 - The Bear, The Star Da King
(Original Press):

"The Bear, The Star Da King" 2013 - [First Edition]
1) Life. 2) Heartbeat. 3) Blood Money (feat. IB, Maad MaxXx). 4) Rule the World (feat. Fingaz, Maad MaxXx). 5) Fly Away (feat. Fingaz). 6) A Minute. 7) Yuck Fou (feat. Fingaz). 8) What We About (feat. Mac Reem, Maad MaxXx). 9) Full Time Job (feat. D Nero). 10) Hood Anthem (feat. Fingaz, Maad MaxXx, T.O.B.I.A.S). 11) Lonely At the Top (feat. Fingaz). 12) Pump Me Up. 13) Charged. 14) Say Hi (feat. Mistah Fab). 15) Don't Know Me (feat. Fingaz).
[Label: Illive Music (Digital Release: 2013)]

Reissue: "The Bear, The Star Da King" 2015
[New edition with bonus tracks]
1) Heartbeat. 2) Blood Money (feat. Maad Maxxx & Ib). 3) Rule the World (feat. Maad Maxxx & Fingaz Music). 4) Fly Away with Me (feat. Fingaz Music). 5) We In (feat. T.o.b.i.a.s.). 6) You Thirsty (feat. Westbred Diamond & Tae Snap). 7) Bear and Star News (feat. Fingaz Music). 8) Vision (feat. Brasko & Piffman). 9) What We About (feat. Mac Reem & Maad Maxxx). 10) At the Top (feat. Fingaz Music). 11) Pump Me Up. 12) Charged. 13) Holy Matrimony. 14) You Don't Know Me (feat. Fingaz Music). 15) Yuck Fou (feat. Fingaz Music). 16) Say Hi to the Villians (feat. Mistah F.A.B.). 17) Life.
[Label: Submission Entertainment (Digital Release: 2015)]

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Matt U Johnson ft Kadeve & Shkelqim Mavraj - "Reflect" 2016

Kadeve Tha E.M.S & Jess the Facts "California Sun"

Kadeve & Jess the Facts "The One"

Kadeve and Maad Maxxx Lowrider Super Show Vegas 2012


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