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Crescent Moon - Discography

Last updated: June 2016


Band: Crescent Moon
Location: Babberich, Netherlands
Genre: Pop/Rock Alternative / Indie Rock
Influences:  Pink Floyd / Roger Waters / Radiohead / Smashing Pumpkins / Marilyn Manson

Band members:
Bas Peters
Eric Peters
Frank Peters
Tim Peters

Crescent Moon is a band from the Dutch village Babberich and was founded in 2014 by brothers Eric (1965) and Frank (1962) Peters.
In 2015, joined by Bas (2000) and Tim (2000) Peters, both sons of Frank Peters. The band creates independent, self-produced music that can best be described as gloomy sphere rock.

Crescent Moon is a studio band and chooses not to perform live. Everything (music, recording, engineering, mastering, distribution, marketing, design, video promotion) is done as far as possible by the band. In this sense, the band is truly Independent, “Indie”.

Songs are usually formed around the lyrics and outlined by a melancholic atmosphere. There is much room for acoustic guitars and piano. For the guitar solos and backing vocals guest musicians are hired. All other music is produced by the band itself.

The Album: The Lidless Room
The idea to create a concept album began on New Year's Eve 2014. In January 2015 the concept was conceived and written. The concept is about the struggle with the modern communication era and plays at three levels:

- Nostalgia, hang to the past -Fear of the future where communication is increasingly digital and the internet becomes more and more dominant
- Dream state
The title comes from the poem'' Insomniac'' of the American poet Sylvia Plath. The concept is also based on the parable'' Beforethe Law'' by Franz Kafka.

All songs were written by one or more band members. The lyrics were written by Frank Peters. The album was produced by Eric, Frank and Tim Peters.
Guest musicians on the album: Chico Dommeck–guitar, Mirjam van Vuurenand Thea Leenders background vocals. The engineering and the mastering was done mainly by Eric Peters.
The artwork for the album was provided by Margot Peters (sister of Eric and Frank)


1) Album:
.2015 - The Lidless Room

Crescent Moon's Music & Videos:


.2015 - The Lidless Room
(Original Press):
"The Lidless Room" 2015 - (Original Version)
1) Acceptatio. 2) G.A.B.O.S. 3) Black Vinyl Dreams. 4) G.A.B.O.S. Reprise. 5) The Bellman. 6) Of Aphids and Ants. 7) The Lidless Room. 8) Obsolete Men. 9) The Devil and the Machine. 10) The Old Riverbed. 11) Through the Gate.
[Label: Woodshop Music Studios (Cd: 2015) (Digital Release: 2015)]

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Crescent Moon "Obsolete Men" - (Official Music Video)

Crescent Moon "Of Aphids and Ants" - (Official Music Video)

Crescent Moon "Black Vinyl Dreams" - (Official Music Video)

Crescent Moon "The Lidless Room Credits"


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