Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Spruddy's new song "Thunderstorm" Feat. Saralène

»Thunderstorm feat. Saraléne« is the first single from the long awaited debut album "One" by Spruddy. It is a love song with a catchy melody and two voices in perfect harmony. Produced by Jo Hirt and hit producer Jr. Blender (Major Lazer). This track is a must for every lover of reggae and lovers rock.

Spruddy was the singer of the legendary rock steady and ska band »Court Jester‘s Crew« and played more than 350 shows all over Europe. Today - more than ten years later - we are looking on a big step for his solo career. Within the past ten years he released a bunch of great singles together with Silly Walks, Supersonic, Blenders Finest, House of Riddim and African Beat - now we are looking on the upcoming debut album.

Spruddy convinces with his lovely voice, catchy melodies, and honest lyrics. He is very versatile and manages all styles of jamaican music. But when you listen carefully, there is no doubt about the fact that rock steady and lovers rock are the biggest influences on his unique singing style.

Beyond these jamaican influences you can find connections to other great singers as well. Spruddy released some great cover versions from artists like Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and Seal. Also he is part of the great » A Tribute to Johnny Cash« show since 2003.

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Spruddy Feat. Saralène - Thunderstorm

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