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Crescent Moon's debut album "The Lidless Room"

Dutch Alternative Indie Rock Band Crescent Moon released their debut album called "The Lidless Room". Their music project was founded in 2014 by brothers Eric and Frank Peters, joined by Bas and Tim Peters, both sons of Frank Peters. They spent a whole year to record this album.

We listened to the CD several times in these days. It looks Great. The sound is very refined and clean. The lyrics are good. Crescent Moon combines voice, sounds, instruments and melody with art and elegance. This is the right direction to make great music through your immense talent.
Your music have surprised us for real!

Production, mixing and mastering are perfect!.  To be the first Crescent Moon's release.... We would say...that your gloomy atmosphere rock plays 70s but with their personal and professional taste.
The album opens with the track ''Acceptatio'' that recalls the Pink Floyd band of ''Echoes'' and ''Atom Heart Mother''.

In other passages there're reminiscents of Roger Waters in The Wall and The final cut's albums but surrounded by modern melodies and nearly cyber sounds.
Another Floyd influence is the keyboards that sometimes recalls the Richard Wright of 'Shine on you crazy diamond''.
Obviously there's a similar Gilmour guitar in many tracks and a sweet and dramatic piano at the same time.

The title track continues with a cheerful theme distant from the other songs. ''Obselete man'' has reminiscent of Syd Barrett and her wacky psychedelic moments. 'The devil and the machine'' shows a  cyber metal band lookalike and  space rock keyboards. ''The old riverbed'' is  a nice tour of southern rock. The album closes with a piece of progressive rock and some classics  elements.

The first two singles of the album: Black vinyl dreams and Of aphids and ants already reached the first place in the Dutch charts.

The album is now available on CD and Digital release. Take a moment to listen to it and watch their new music videos "Black Vinyl Dreams" & "Of Aphids and Ants"
You can listen to Crescent Moon's music on Radio Djamar

01) Acceptatio
02) G.A.B.O.S.
03) Black Vinyl Dreams.
04) G.A.B.O.S. Reprise
05) The Bellman
06) Of Aphids and Ants
07) The Lidless Room
08) Obsolete Men
09) The Devil and the Machine
10) The Old Riverbed
11) Through the Gate
Label: Woodshop Music Studios (Cd: 2016)(Digital Release: 2016)

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Crescent Moon "Obsolete Men" - (Official Music Video)

Crescent Moon "Of Aphids and Ants" - (Official Music Video)

Crescent Moon "Black Vinyl Dreams" - (Official Music Video)

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